At its core, trauma can be thought of as the psychological wounds that persist, even when the physical ones are long gone.

camaïeu cally25 days ago
"Fragile - Handle with Care"
Ah yes, mental health. As cliche as it might sound, life truly can and will be a "rollercoaster." Although, I feel that if you were to more specifically apply that metaphor, it may be more fitting for...
Tom Bakera month ago
In Hell
My ex-wife, Satan rest her soul, once told me of a very, very strange dream she had (probably after smoking a huge bowl of skunk weed, as she was occasionally wont to do). In the dream, she was a cont...
Kathryn Parkera month ago
Letters for Myself
This will be a series.
Edward Anderson2 months ago
I am a survivor of domestic abuse. When most people learn that they are surprised. More than once I have been told that I don't act like a "victim," my attitude is too bad, or I appear to be too stron...
Avery Burroughs2 months ago
The Merciful Blue Sky
A girl with hazelnut hair with eyes to match, sat on the edge of a cliff. Forests of huge redwoods surrounded her, green as ever. She was looking out at the brilliant blue sky, it was clear and refres...
Kay Deschain2 months ago
I've been hurt a lot in my life—obviously, everyone has—and all through my adolescence and young adult life, one thing that has been consistently shoved down my fucking throat is the importance of for...
Krisjoyy Smith2 months ago
Recovering After Trauma
Just a little bit about some of the traumas I have personally experienced in my life: I was sexually abused for seven years by two male family members. A few years after that, I found myself in a phys...
Renee Knadler3 months ago
How Can I?
It's not easy for me to be nice to you, to ask if you need anything. My whole life I grew up with you telling me I was worthless, lazy, a bitch, a cunt, a whore, telling me I am going to grow up to be...
Scarlett Wood3 months ago
Scared of Things that Aren't There
Hello! This is my first story in Psyche and I am very excited but also anxious to share my experiences and struggles with the world. I hope that anyone who reads them can learn something new since my ...
Ashley Peterson3 months ago
The Trauma Hijack
We've all heard of the fight or flight response. What's not as well known is the freeze response that's also a potential automatic response to danger. This is particularly relevant in the #metoo era t...
Ashley Peterson3 months ago
The Frightening Consequences of Childhood Trauma
It's no secret that abuse and neglect in childhood cause damage to the child. It's unsurprising that psychological harm could persist for many years. What is less known, though, is the profound connec...
Kay Mellinger4 months ago
The Life I Never Asked For (Pt. 2)
I had sat a year in the juvenile prison, I was considered a repeat offender and a criminal. I honestly didn't care, because I was safe. I sure did my fair share of dumb things, and getting myself a cr...
Ava McCoy4 months ago
Normal, Childhood Trauma Style
If you've read any of my pieces in the past you probably know I'm a childhood trauma survivor. I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional, abusive and terrifying home. Life started out a bit more average...
Aiyan Turley4 months ago
U-turn (Pt. 1)
To resemble any person’s story is to start from the roots of it all. Growing up, it was not the typical Chinese family nor was I being submerged in loving and kindness. My father was a single dad divo...
Valentina Sophia5 months ago
The Night That Haunts Me
Looking back at the seven year old girl doing her homework on “what I want to be when I grow up,” I never thought I would be the twenty-one-year-old sitting, frozen still, weeping in the shower. I nev...
Jay 5 months ago
You’re Not Alone
Hello. I’m writing on here to let people know they are not alone. My life isn’t roses and butterflies, nobody's is. Everyone has good days, and bad. This last year of my life has changed me in so many...
Rich Dunbar5 months ago
Growing Up
This is my first ever time using this, so I'm not sure whether this will get published or if anyone will read it. I guess I'm doing it for myself, but as a sort of diary, if you will. I'm the stereoty...
Rachel Bonneval5 months ago
For five minutes I was able to escape into the showers, and feel the hot water, and stinging strength of the water pressure as it hit my skin. I washed up, and changed into my new clothes that my husb...