At its core, trauma can be thought of as the psychological wounds that persist, even when the physical ones are long gone.

Thought: I Am Not Good Enough
Toxicity—externally—is chugging the bottle of tequila and blacking out at your local bar. It’s numbing out the internal affairs you have with yourself, while explicitly engaging with another empty sou...
Pelagia Pais6 days ago
Remembering Trauma - My Story
Back in 2015, I was asking myself what I was passionate about, as I was already feeling quite stuck in the job I had been doing for five years. After some searching within, I decided I would train to ...
Seth Honda10 days ago
One Minute From Bliss
Most days start out like every other day; an alarm clock goes off, a person rolls out of bed, gets dressed, goes to school, the day begins. This is exactly how the day started for Jason Kline. It was ...
Jesse Kidwell14 days ago
The Effects of Gaslighting in Narcissistic Victim Syndrome
Identifying passive aggressive psychological warfare in your personal life.
Maelyn Jeffers22 days ago
The Torture Box
When someone is determined to cause pain, they will use almost anything to succeed. During my childhood, I was on the other side of these painful selections. These selections still affect me to this d...
Ashley Petersona month ago
Constructing a Trauma Account
Sometimes it takes a while to figure out if what has happened to you counts as trauma. Not all trauma is capital-T Trauma, and not all trauma causes PTSD. PTSD at its core is a disorder of processing;...
3 Ways to Heal Following Sexual Assault
For years, sexual assault has been a taboo subject. It’s something we all know happens, but many prefer not to address or acknowledge that it does. This is especially true when it comes to male surviv...
Aisha Chughtai2 months ago
From the Other Side
The first time I realized that my story may have been different from all of the other children my age, was when I was in grade seven. Aldergrove Public School, the place I don’t like to think about mu...
sarah cay smith2 months ago
People with Violent Intentions Need Help, Too.
As my sister sent a notice to our family group chat this morning, explaining why she didn't have to student teach today, I started to wonder why people are the way they are. If you're unaware of what ...
Lala 2 months ago
How Innocence Gets Broken
We all have a story, some with more pain or joy than others. I'd like to think that all of the lows that I had at the beginning of my life is the reason for all of the highs that I have now. The sad t...
Brittany Shantaé2 months ago
M S2 months ago
There has been quite a lot of talk about post traumatic stress disorder since Ariana Grande posted her brain scans. Firm believer that she is suffering from PTSD, but not entirely sold that scans of o...
Misty Gewin3 months ago
I'm not sure where to begin... I could start off with an introduction, my name, age, ect. but I happen to like the idea of some form of anonymity. So—just start off with a 'hi.' My name isn't importan...
camaïeu cally4 months ago
"Fragile - Handle with Care"
Ah yes, mental health. As cliche as it might sound, life truly can and will be a "rollercoaster." Although, I feel that if you were to more specifically apply that metaphor, it may be more fitting for...
Tom Baker4 months ago
In Hell
My ex-wife, Satan rest her soul, once told me of a very, very strange dream she had (probably after smoking a huge bowl of skunk weed, as she was occasionally wont to do). In the dream, she was a cont...
Kathryn Parker4 months ago
Letters for Myself
This will be a series.
Edward Anderson5 months ago
I am a survivor of domestic abuse. When most people learn that they are surprised. More than once I have been told that I don't act like a "victim," my attitude is too bad, or I appear to be too stron...
Avery Burroughs5 months ago
The Merciful Blue Sky
A girl with hazelnut hair with eyes to match, sat on the edge of a cliff. Forests of huge redwoods surrounded her, green as ever. She was looking out at the brilliant blue sky, it was clear and refres...