At its core, trauma can be thought of as the psychological wounds that persist, even when the physical ones are long gone.

Natasha Reyesa year ago
My battlefield. The world is my battlefield that I had no choice but to fight with no weapons, support no backup but blindfolded. The problem started with a clean temple. Walls clean floors clean. Not...
Lily Pa year ago
On Fearlessness and Terror
I grew up in the countryside. When I say countryside, don't imagine one of the charming settlements most English people call a village. What people call a village where I'm from, geographers would, I ...
Jenifer Newburn2 years ago
When Dreams Don't Come
Dreams are important. While I meant that in a literal sense, I do agree it’s also probably not a bad idea to have hopes and goals and shit. But I am talking about the kind of dreams that process the d...