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That's Some Good Game, Boy

The Regrets of Addiction

That's some good game boy...

I've been dreaming of getting some games for a while

Everyone told me to not get them. Supposedly, they'd rot my brain, waste my time. It creates unproductive people.

I hear everyone who has tried it. They tell me how amazing and fun it is, when they've had a bad day it relaxes them and helps that stress goes away. It so hard to not be seduced by it.

So I saved my money relentlessly, I was probably the richest kid by age 15.

You see, games aren't allowed in my house. My parents would kill me. They think it will take me off my life course.

After years of hearing everyone playing with this, I built the courage to finally buy that game.

Buying games is scary, especially for the good stuff. There are code words, or sometimes you have to have someone buy it for you.

I remember I had to find someone that was older to get it down to me, cause the original seller wasn't allowed to sell it to me. People forget the determination a young person has when peer pressured.

The effort that went into becoming part of the group that had all experienced this could've probably made me a great business person.

Step number one: Learn to budget. I have to learn to slow down my spending, couldn't buy that new shirt, or those cool new Air Jordan's. Gotta save it.

Step Number two: Invest. Surprisingly, games are expensive. I don't want to be in on this excitement before people are onto a new game. I used my money to help me make more. The speed of it was exciting.

Step Number three: Acquire that asset. I realized that all this hard work is for a better experience. I refuse to work this hard, to not try something different. At the end, everyone wants to play to feel something that makes you wonder if life is for chances like this.

I stood there, staring into the eyes of the person that was about to do the trade. I built the courage, found the best price, found the location. It was nerve-wracking. I worked so hard, for this moment. This would be my reward.

We touched hands.

I won't lie, it was amazing, I've never had anything like it before. The engagement, the emersion, and the excitement I got from these games.

At first, I said just "once" a day. Just an hour during the middle of the day.

Next, it was twice a day. Once during the afternoon, then I had to sneak that extra time at around midnight.

My grades started slipping.

Who needs that anyway? Lots of rich people didn't even finish school.

Losing friends? They're not true friends. True friends would join in on me.

Hey, if I can't get enough games, I can sell my old stuff. It's worth lots to someone.

Getting games is pretty hard. First, you gotta take some time and make some money to get it. I generally have to do a lot of things I don't like to make the money for it.

But when you get that game it's so much fun. I get lost in a whole new world, all those flashing lights that draw my attention and never stopping.

I'm 27 now. I look back and wonder what my life would be like if I didn't play too much with those games.

Maybe I would have had a few more girlfriends.

Had the money to see the world a little better.

Gone to school.

Maybe I wouldn't have been played.

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That's Some Good Game, Boy
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