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The Demi Lovato Relapse Collapse

The singer was rushed to the hospital after a suspected heroin overdose.

“I’m sorry I’m not sober...” Demi Lovato sings on her new single. Cynics theorized that the songstress was using addiction to sell more copies of her new CD, while others worried that she was crying out for much-needed help to no avail. In either case, the sobriety drama that surrounds Demi Lovato came to a head before noon on July 24, when emergency personnel were called because she had collapsed due to a suspected overdose on heroin or another opioid such as Meth. The next few hours were chaotic, haunting, and full of the kind of drama that is usually reserved for the silver screen.

The drama unfolded much like that of a TV show. Demi was found unconscious, though by whom remains a mystery, the police were called, and within minutes of the singer being picked up by an ambulance, the story was breaking on TMZ. Either one of the first responders is on the payroll of the online tabloid or TMZ was the second call that was made by the mysterious person. Either way, the story broke big before medical professionals had a chance to administer the life-saving medicine needed to keep Lovato alive.

Throughout the day there were big stories breaking about the Lovato situation. The first was that paramedics used Narcan to counteract an opioid overdose. After that, the news turned to Fox not airing the episode of Beat Shazam that had been filmed late last year with a special appearance by Demi Lovato. Finally, came the best news of all that Lovato was awake and surrounded by loved ones. 

“Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers, and support.” It was the news everyone had hoped for. Of course, it wasn’t all cherries and roses.

Her family went on the defensive and demanded that people not speculate about issues that they had no idea about. A statement issued partly reads, “Some of the information being reported is incorrect, and they respectfully ask for privacy and not speculation as her health and recovery is the most important thing right now.” There is no doubt that they are correct about that. Yet, why wasn’t her health the center of worry and the most important thing before the overdose? They cannot claim that they had no idea what was going on.

If you believe the gossip blogs, Demi Lovato had not been sober in a very long time. Blind Gossip solved two of their items, indicating that her team had to have known that she wasn’t sober and was using hardcore drugs. In fact, she lost out on a spokesperson gig because she was so hyper and kept running to the bathroom. Then there was the time at the American Music Awards when she crashed right after she performed on the show. It’s clear that there were signs that she had fallen off the wagon. Why didn’t anyone step in and get the superstar into a rehab clinic sooner? It’s a question that those closest to her will have to answer for themselves in the days and weeks to come.

For now, fans and well-wishers of Demi Lovato can rest easy knowing that she is alive and safe in the hospital. A small victory, but one that loved ones of addicts can tell you is not always the case, especially when it comes to overdoses. Hopefully, the next step for her is to get back into a rehab clinic and back on the wagon, and not back to the hectic touring and recording sessions that were scheduled. Next time there may not be a mysterious person to call for help and the online tabloids.

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The Demi Lovato Relapse Collapse
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