Naomi Robinson
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The Empathic Mind

Being Empathic in a Chaotic World.

Being an empath is not easy. Especially in today's world where people's emotions run rampant and issues with the world are at an all-time high.  Most people get lost in the fray when it comes to being empathic. Many never knowing that they have such an ability. Most of the time it's diagnosed as an illness or an issue when, in truth, it's an ability most can only barely understand. You go through stages of feeling crazy not knowing why you lash out, moments of sadness, fear, and anger, all steaming from this ability. It's a double-edged sword that makes you amazing at understanding others and then in the same breath feeling overwhelmed by what's around you. To the point of feeling like drowning in a sea of emotions. 

In my experience, it's not easy to control, nor is it easy to judge which emotions are coming from others or yourself. It takes time and patience, but is worth the effort once studied.The first part is accepting that you are not crazy and you do not have issues. Most people turn a blind eye to things that don't make sense or don't fit into a mold recognized by normal society. The truth is, humans are always changing;  getting better. We have senses and it stands to reason that our sense would evolve and develop, which comes to the topic of being Empathic. Empaths are people who can sense other's emotions physically and mentally.  Some have been known to do this from miles away.  People with Empathic abilities are able to have a better understanding of others. It gives many an advantage when dealing with many types of people. There is so much that is not understood when it comes to someone that's Empathic, and it's constantly growing and changing. It can take a lot out of a person and leave them feeling drained. When it comes to trying to block out the bombardment of sensory overload, it can be a difficult task. I have been using crystals as a source to help the intake of emotions to try to ease the backlash.  

Someone also taught me that crossing certain parts of the body blocks things as well. So when sitting or being in certain areas, I'll cross my ankles or my arms. It may seem like a silly trick, but it eases the intake. The major thing here is to accept you are not crazy. Know there are others out there like you. Research doesn't hurt, but be wary, because online research can yield conflicting results.  Understand that you're special and are given an ability to help with this gift, even if, at times, it feels like a burden. There is so much to being empathic, so be patient and kind to yourself. There are many different types of Empaths as well. Some leaning towards nature and animals. Some more with humans, etc. Also something worth researching. So if you find that your emotions seem to be out of whack,  you feel like you are going crazy or just can't control your emotions, then try to identify the source. See if perhaps you may be one of many in a family of special gifted Empaths. 

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The Empathic Mind
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