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The Feeler

The Feeler, the One Who Understands

*face palm*  This was such a poor choice for a title...

The Feeler is one that understands everyone.  They have a strange talent of being able to place themselves in other people's shoes.  What I mean by that is Feelers can connect with people on a whole other level.  What is strangest is that Feelers can connect and feel emotions on things they haven't even been through. 

When I was in school I had one of my friends who lost her mom to cancer.  She was devastated, as they were very close.  I was able to help her get through this period because I am a 'Feeler.'  Now, this was the first time I noticed I was able to do this.  Now, keep in mind that my mother is alive and well, so I had no clue what it was like to lose my mother.  I felt everything she was feeling.  All the anger, disappointment, abandonment, sadness, and acceptance.  

Although this gift is mostly used to help people through things, it can also be used to see other people's views.  We can place ourselves in your shoes so that we can 'walk a mile in your shoes.'  Where most people see only one side of a story, we are able to change our view to better understand where you are coming from.  Feelers are some of the most caring and enduring people you can meet.  They care for people on a whole other level.  Although they are usually very caring people, they are often taken advantage of.  This is why it is very important for Feelers to learn how to spot 'fake' people, for if you don't, the future will be a very grueling adventure. The basic rule of thumb is; if people are asking you for things and do nothing to return that favor...leave them alone.  That type of behavior is known as 'leechism' (yes, I know that is not a word).  Feelers feel the need to help everyone as much as they can and that will lead to destruction if you are careful.  

To every light side, there is a dark side and feeling is none the wiser.  If a Feeler goes through things it will change them, just like any other personality type.  Since they are specially tuned to feel one's feelings, they often know how to play them.  This is very dangerous for both parties.  Most Feelers rarely reach this point, but there are always a few that do.  Learning to play on one's feelings is never a good thing to most people.  This can rip families apart, make it nearly impossible to find love, and can (and most likely) land you in jail.  Most people think that this is one of the 'weaker' types, but in reality, it has the potential to be the most damaging.  

To the Feeler reading this, 

Don't ever stop loving people.  Just know that this world is covered in people that want to harm you, but there are also good people out there that need your help.  If you feel yourself going down that dark road you need to stop and reevaluate yourself.  Never let yourself turn down that road because once you start you won't stop.  Never forget why you love helping people and make that the reason you continue in this world.


A Fellow Feeler

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