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This World


A lot of stuff has been weighing on my mind a lot of pressure is on my shoulders. Why can all of this be a dream? Why can I just wake up and all of this will be over? Sitting here trying to figure what to do, my mind says leave but my heart just won't let go. Everything seems to be falling apart even when I deliver the most griped. Why can’t it just stay the way it's supposed to be just all of us together. The way I feel right now man I just shake my head at all this. All the pressures that are on my shoulders I just want it to be over don't want to see another day and still be in the same place as I was before.

At the end of the day, I have to face my own reality and learn how to cope it alone. This only makes me wiser and stronger. As the minutes roll in and time ticks all this experience makes me see life clearer. I really just have myself to look after no one else is going to do it for me. We come into this world alone and so we leave alone, and I know that my life is what I make out of it. That I can endure most things alone but not all; that’s why I have faith. I can do anything. The older I get the more I learn from my experience especially from my mistakes as the days go by I keep to myself.

A lot of people in this world go and depend on people to make them happy instead of making themselves happy first. Yea life gets to you at times and it can bring you to your lowest point, but you have to learn how to pick yourself back up because at the end of the day you only have yourself. When you try to depend on certain people to be there it isn't always a certainty that in the long run, they will always be there for you. Always remember that there's always a reason for everything including to why they won't always be there the way you would've thought they would.

No one will ever understand why tears fall down your eyes, they will look at you and all they will see is the character that they made out of you. The label they deliver to you. They don't see the real you that's inside, the real you that's calling out for help. You cry out loud for someone to listen to you, but they don't hear you because they are too busy judging you. Now you wishing that all of this could go away, wishing that all of this was just a dream and that when you wake up this will all over. It isn't a dream and you have the face the fact that this is a reality sooner or later. Each experience should not be taken for granted as it is what makes each part of your character and molds you into who you need to become to survive in such a cruel world.

Always have hope and faith, always keep your head up without fear because it may seem like you alone but you really not. Things will get better in time just wait for it. Patience is the key to everything never rush into anything. I know from experience. Some people aren't just meant to stay in your life they are just there to teach you a lesson, never hold on to the temporary because you will lose track of your forever. Not everyone is meant to stay because even those we want the most are the ones we are the best without.