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What Is Mania?

What Mania Causes

Mania is an obvious bipolar 1 and 2 symptom although bipolar 2s are more the depressed sorts. Caffeine triggers mania for me, so I have to be careful with how much I have. Mania is brought on by mood swings towards a high mood swing. Hypomania means you have a less severe form of mania. Source. Hypomania means that you feel manic but not out of control manic. You can also be depressed and hypomanic at the same time, a state that is referred to as mixed. Mania makes you feel wired, high like you have lots of fraudulent energy, which then crashes into depression.

Mania causes you to talk quickly, have rushes of ideas, and have racing thoughts. The state of mind causes the person to do risky things like gamble too much, have sex, or just plain act out. Mania makes you need less sleep than usual, which is confusing to the sufferer if they normally get more sleep other than were it not for mania. Bipolar 1 can cause psychosis or hearing things that aren’t there. Grandiosity comes with mania, which makes people believe they have special powers or are god-like.

This is why I need my medication, new agers. Mania causes a person to feel jumpy or wired. Hypomania causes one to feel euphoria or meaning that you feel really good when manic. This is why I take my medication, new agers. Source. Bipolar disorder requires a medication regimen as well as a treatment plan. I follow my doctor’s orders no matter what because I’m not skipping my medication, unlike other people I have known who do this all the while knowing better. Do you have any idea how painful it is to have a mental illness, to be aware you need medication, and not to have it? This was my childhood.

Mania sometimes triggers a break from reality or psychosis. Bipolar II is not based on one manic episode followed by hypomanic or depressed episodes such as bipolar 1, while bipolar 2 are about one major depressive episode, and at least one hypomanic episode, without a manic episode, happening. Cyclothymic disorder is a mix of hypomania and depressive symptoms less severe than major depression. There are other types of bipolar symptoms that can be induced by upper drugs such as crystal meth or depressive substances like alcohol.

Bipolar II disorder is a separate diagnosis from bipolar 1. Bipolar 2s can be depressed for a long time though. Manic people have increased activity, agitation or energy. Sometimes there is an exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence during euphoric tendencies. Back when I was growing up, I had no medication to treat these conditions. I’d have to weather the storm. My family simply refused me medication. The fact is, they didn’t treat me. I know how appalling that must sound. Bipolar 1s who are manic are unusually talkative. Bipolar 2s can also have mania. Distractibility is often what happens to manic people as well. Manic people make bad choices too, besides getting themselves into trouble in sexual ways. Bad decision-making occurs such as making foolish investments, and going on spending sprees.

Nobody likes to be around manic people. The bottom line is that mania bothers people. It causes me intense physical pain to be around a manic person. I get scared of the manic person because that used to be me. My medication is a huge blessing. So to be around somebody untreated causes me pain. Bipolar is characterized by having suicidal thoughts that many people don’t bother to talk about with anybody. These thoughts interfere with the quality of their lives. So if you feel this is triggering to you, please seek help. I mean I felt bad yesterday, but I’m feeling much better today because I got enough sleep from taking my medication.

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Bipolar disorder

What Are Hypomania and Mania in Bipolar Disorder?

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What Is Mania?
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