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What to Do with Narcissistic, Self-Indulged, Attention-Seeking, Ego Trippers?

My Experience

Wow, what about them. I divide this title into two kinds of people (this is what I named them myself), because from my perspective there are multiple types of toxic people and toxic behaviors, and here are two of them; "the self-indulged ego trippers," and " the attention-seeking victim."

I have had multiple experiences in my life where I started questioning whether or not I should put up with other people's behavior, and to what extent I should accept it. And I'm talking about toxic people, and toxic personality traits.

I'm going to explain to you why I named these two types of people the way I did, what it exactly means, and tips on how to cope with them.

1. The Self-Indulged Ego Trippers

These are the kind of people that pretend to be your friend, for as long as they get a certain type of attention and validation. They get this validation by putting you down.

For instance; They make harsh jokes about you in public, even after you told them you weren't fine with that.

A lot of times in our life we are told to just "take a joke" or else you're being a pussy, or a baby, or simply being too sensitive. But the truth is, standing up for yourself makes you useless for these ego trippers, because they need you to take the joke in order to validate their own "self-esteem." In fact, they don't love themselves enough. And instead of trying to shine brighter by themselves, they want to dim, or even put your light out.

They want you to believe you need them in your life, and if you don't proceed to give them what they want they consider you a bad friend, a bad person, or they will even try to make everyone around you believe these false truths about you, just so you come crawling back to them, or to scare other people they might lose if those others were to see how you could walk away from their toxic behaviors as well. They don't want you to know this, and they are scared the people around them will find out about them.

These are narcissistic personally traits and you should walk away from them as soon as possible. Diagnosed narcissists (which is not so common due to them manipulating their surroundings so much they probably won't be the one having to go to a psychiatrist, thus they will not get a diagnosis). It takes a very long time for most people to find out about this truth, and I'm sorry if you're the first (new) victim to find out, and have other people not believe you, and/or even turn against you. Just don't give in, don't give up, and know you are not alone.

Narcissists seriously harm your mental health.

2. The Attention-Seeking Victim

Attention victims need you to constantly reassure your relationship status, because they will easily feel abandoned. Now there's nothing wrong with needing a bit of reassurance, but it will be once it gets toxic for the relationship.

Relationships need to be built on trust and balance. If one person is constantly sabotaging events, because they feel abandoned, you will start feeling like you're doing something wrong, and will go to far extents to fix this. But the truth is, it might've never been your fault in the first place (unless you're a narcissist of course. Then it is probably your fault).

In the beginning of this relationship you want to validate their existence, and acknowledge them as a friend or partner, because you want them to feel good, right?

The problem with attention-victims is that they will never stop asking you for this type of attention, and it will never be enough. They usually have some type of low self-esteem and get jealous once they don't receive your constant attention. They will make you feel guilty about not having a sixth-sense for when they need your attention. Because they won't always tell you what they need from you, or when, they will usually do this later, and get mad at you for not noticing how bad they were feeling. Which is funny, because they will mostly do anything to hide that they're hurt in the first place. Because they will either feel guilty for needing your attention and validation, or they need a reason to get mad at you. These people might go as far as harming themselves or harming their surroundings.

These traits are known in some people with borderline personality disorder. If you want to continue this relationship you need them to seek help in order to get better. And you should never harm your own mental health, because you want to save someone else's.

*There are more than two types of people that can have a negative effect on your life, but these have been the two most common that I have personally, recently experienced.

If you want to improve your life and well-being, you need to step away from these toxic traits. They will do you no good.

If you're underaged, and one, or both, of your caregivers are like this, it makes it a little harder for you to cut these people out. But worry not; there is a way out and there is help for you out there.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Again; these are my own experiences. Don't self-diagnose, seek help first.

Melody Frost
Melody Frost

I'm @notyourcutiepie on Instagram, lead vocalist in the band Piece Of Eden, I tend to do things other people don't agree with, I'm 21 year's old & shining. I also love pink, hello kitty, dark aesthetics and I write a lot. Enjoy!

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What to Do with Narcissistic, Self-Indulged, Attention-Seeking, Ego Trippers?
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