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Working Towards My Depression

I'm finally starting to become happier. :)

Shameless plug again, but if you're curious about my story read both of my recent articles: Depression and Why I am No Longer Pre-Med. 

I am finally starting to become happier and I love it. I am starting to love myself more and I am noticing that I am less tired. I am starting to eat more. I am FINALLY working towards to helping my anxiety and depression. 

Fitness Is KEY

When I was depressed back in high school, I heavily relied on fitness. I would constantly workout even after my long hours of sports practice after school. Yes, working out sounds healthy, but trust me when I was working out back then I over worked myself again. After I came home from sports, I would go straight to my room and work out for about two hours EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

What I would do is crazy: I would dedicate an hour towards cardio and abs and the other hour would be dedicated towards my glutes (gotta get the booty gains). I was ripped. I was lean with my full on six pack and a pretty big butt. Since I worked out every single day and I saw progress over time, I thought that if I continued I would be even more fit. However, this wasn't healthy at all. Yes, I did have ripped abs and a big butt, but I never gave my body to rest. 

After I felt "better" as my depression slowly started to "go away," for some odd reason I thought it was okay to stop working out. I stopped working out for quite a while as I injured my knees and my lower extremities. I was so out of shape. My abs started to slowly disappear, but I was okay with it because I was happier. 

College hit (2019), here I am depressed again, but I quickly take action compared to when I was in high school. I returned back to the gym and I started to become fit again. This time was different though. I learned how to properly eat, how to give my body rest (rest days are extremely important and I am just learning this now, and how to workout my entire body, not just my abs and my butt). 

I learned how to properly work all of my muscles, especially in my arms. Of course I was an expert in my abs and butt workouts, but I was so weak with my arms. I did a lot of research to help the muscle growth in my arms. Not only did I see improvement in my body, but also my mental health. 

I can confidently say 100% that working out helps with your mental health.

Surrounding Myself with Positive People

One thing I noticed is that when I was in my darkest times, I did not want interact with people (which was very stupid of me). In my opinion, I believe surrounding myself and interacting with positive energetic people really helped me get out of my darkest moments of my life. 

Instead of being stuck at home, I would go out with my friends and family. Human interaction is so important and I don't know why I didn't realize it until now. I started to see my mental health improve. I was laughing more, I was smiling more, and I even had the energy to go outside and leave my room.

Thank you! :)

If you're still reading my story, I can't thank you enough for listening to me. If you're reading this and you're going through the same thing, I really hope that you can find what makes you feel better, such as going to the gym and interacting with positive people. I hope that one day, you will write articles like this and help others who are going through the same thing. 

Don't give up!! I have so much faith in you. Most importantly take care of yourself first, it's okay to be selfish.

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Working Towards My Depression
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