Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger, and person living with mental illness.  Blogging at

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The Frightening Consequences of Childhood Trauma
12 hours ago
It's no secret that abuse and neglect in childhood cause damage to the child. It's unsurprising that psychological harm could persist for many years. What is less known, though, is the profound connec...
Manufacturing Pathology
9 days ago
Mental illness stigma often takes the form of dismissing the experience of those living with mental illness, but it can also take a subtler form. When normal emotions like sadness and anxiousness are ...
Is It Okay to Disclose Mental Illness at Work?
14 days ago
If you have a mental illness and work at either a paid job or a volunteer gig, chances are at some point you'll be faced with the question of whether to disclose your mental illness at work, and if so...
Barriers to Mental Health Care for Mental Health Professionals
a month ago
The sad truth is that there are often considerable barriers for anyone to access mental health care. There are also some unique barriers that those who work as mental health care providers must face. ...
The Gendering of Mental Health
a month ago
We live in a highly gendered society. Certain roles, behaviours, and experiences may be seen as typical of one gender but unacceptable in the other. Those who do not conform to gender norms and expect...
Is There Really a "Post-Abortion Syndrome"?
a month ago
Reversing Roe is a documentary recently released on Netflix that looks at the attempts that have been made over the years to challenge the United States Supreme Court's decision on abortion in the Roe...