Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger at, and living with mental illness.  Author of Psych Meds Made Simple and Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis. Writer on Medium.  

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How to Embrace Introversion
3 months ago
There are a lot of introverts in this world, but society in general seems to have pretty strong expectations of extroversion, or at the very least extroverted behaviour. Susan Cain's bestselling book ...
Constructing a Trauma Account
3 months ago
Sometimes it takes a while to figure out if what has happened to you counts as trauma. Not all trauma is capital-T Trauma, and not all trauma causes PTSD. PTSD at its core is a disorder of processing;...
Truth, Lies, and Mental Illness
4 months ago
Some things are better left unsaid. But which things? And said, or unsaid, to whom? Figuring out how much of our deepest inner workings we should disclose to others can be difficult at the best of tim...
The Mental Illness Fear Factor
4 months ago
Sadly, those who are uninformed often fear mental illness. They believe that it's unknown, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous. Those of us living with mental illness fear it too, although for mu...
When You Don't Feel What You're Supposed To
5 months ago
There are certain occasions when it is socially expected that someone will feel a certain way. There are also major events that will have a strong impact throughout the world, and may end up forever e...
Hiding Under a Security Blanket
5 months ago
I am an introvert. That's a trait that's come out even more strongly as I've moved through my adult life, and I've gone from being reasonably comfortable with it to fully embracing it. When my depress...