Alicia Brunskill

Alicia Brunskill writes articles about a variety of topics and also loves writing poetry and fiction. She lives in Rutland, England with her partner, cat and dog.

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When Muted Emotions Give Relief
7 days ago
It might sound a little bizarre at first, how can dampened emotions provide any kind of relief? Why would you welcome that "nothing zone" from depression where all you do is function? There’s no spark...
Phone Assessments Are the Worst for Anxiety Disorders
15 days ago
For some reason earlier today my mind was thrown back to excruciating telephone assessments with the NHS for help with my mental health. I can only assume that my depression had decided that I needed ...
My Experience of Mental Health Support in Schools
17 days ago
I recently read an article about what needs to be done in schools to make sure children are better equipped to manage their mental health. The article prompted me to write about my own experiences of ...
Depression and Sleep
a month ago
The longer that I have suffered from depression, the more complex my relationship with sleep has become. Not being able to have a consistent store of energy is one of the most frustrating aspects of t...
Books That Have Helped Me During Depression
a month ago
Most of the books that have struck a chord with me during bouts of deep depression have done so because the ruling emotion (or sensation) I was feeling from the disorder was present in that book. I co...
When Your Chest Feels Like It’s Going to Explode from Anxiety
a month ago
On days like this it’s a battle to get anything done, make decisions, focus and not lose your temper. Your body is taking you on a ride that you didn’t ask to go on, all because your faulty alarm syst...