Amanda Batson

I'm just a southern girl that fell in love with the world of psychology.

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Self Care and Depression
7 months ago
Depression hits hard. One day you're feeling normal and the next you don't want to get out of bed. This feeling can stay for days, weeks, and even months once it starts. The worst part is once the spi...
A Tale of Gaslighting
7 months ago
When I was young and dumb, I met a guy that I immediately moved in with after knowing him for about three days. Now, "young and dumb" meant about two years ago since I'm still young, and still really ...
Monsters in the Closet: How Drug Addiction Took Over My Life
9 months ago
I was the girl no one ever expected. The tiny, nerdy girl who always smiled and laughed but always kept to herself. I didn't go out. I didn't party. I didn't do normal teenage-get-into-trouble things....