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Dealing with anxiety is an understatement.  I have had symptoms of generalized anxiety for nearly my entire life.  I'm hoping to create a series of blogs to possibly guide those on living a happier life that suffers from anxiety daily.

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You See Silver, I See Black
2 months ago
I know it has been weeks since you have last heard from me. I started my new job! It is a great job with wonderful co-workers. It has taken the physical challenges away from what I faced when I was co...
Windows and Doors
4 months ago
It was indeed an interesting weekend. How Saturday morning started, it looked like it was going to be long and miserable. I had an incident with a fellow co-worker the day before, which got my anxiety...
If the First Step Doesn't Get You
4 months ago
I did it! As you may have seen, I started my new blog. Yesterday was a great day! It feels wonderful to deal with the onslaught of anxiety symptoms and defeat it by starting something new and challeng...
Vitality Adjustment
4 months ago
It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Getting it all started. To some people getting things started isn't a thought at all. Every day there are examples of people that do amazing things just by following the...