Dawn Elizabeth

I am a mum of three and I am working towards a degree in English Language and Literature. I attempted a degree in Nursing but I found I enjoyed the writing more than the nursing side.

I hope you like my writing too x

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Quick! Word Down How the Anxiety Feels!
7 months ago
An all familiar sickness washes over and you cannot be sure you are drowning or if it is cleansing. The same can be just as overwhelming. It's getting worse, it's shameful to be so weak, it's painful ...
My ADHD...
10 months ago
So, it is not uncommon knowledge with those around me that I (don't suffer) live with ADHD. My current work environment has somehow managed to bring more of it out as of late. I don't know if it is me...
Oh! Look! More Mental Health Articles
a year ago
10 PM, the bewitching hour for my d-bag of a depression to rear its ugly head. I am in a major mood funk and it is only exaggerated by a wonderful visit from the dreaded "Aunt Irma." I know it sounds ...