Fiona Wong

Writes tongue-in-cheek posts with a dose of realism and sarcasm. Loves horror and gore. 

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Why Self-Acceptance Is Bullshit
a year ago
"I feel like garbage today," I responded, unsure if he was asking about my day because he wanted an honest answer or if he was just making small talk. Filtering has never been my forte, so I went with...
I'm Mentally Ill but I'm Also an Asshole
a year ago
Revisiting a volatile relationship from my early 20s could either be the most enlightening experience of my week or it could make me want to chuck my phone across the room. I like to think that I'm no...
Schizoaffective Disorder and Horror Video Games
a year ago
One look at my Twitch’s history and you’ll find that I have a pretty specific video game genre of choice: horror. I love a good psychological thriller, slasher, fourth wall breaking, or otherwise, gam...