Kimm Smith

I am. The art and the artist. Expansive always seeking to learn. I write, sing, counsel, make things, read Tarot and oracle. Make my own cards. I make, I create but mostly I'm me. 

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Anxiety: What Happens When the Mania Wears Off?
8 months ago
When you deal with anxiety, there is a plus side, if you choose to call it that, and that is the wild and imaginative mania that comes with not taking your meds or before you take your meds. And this ...
Does Being Crazy Make You a Great Artist?
a year ago
Crazy is not a technical term. It simply means that one day I'd like to strip naked and show my tatas to the moon. And that's not being poetic. I really want to do that some misty Harry Potter night. ...
You Have Anxiety? Fuck You, You Anxious Wimp
a year ago
I suffer from anxiety. I guess you could tell that from the title. It's a disease that is not acceptable, you see, I'm supposed to control myself, and act like a polite adult at all times. Those are m...