LeAnn Murch

Just a crazy woman trying to survive the madness of life.
One bossy bitch with lots to say. Tattoo and music junkie. I'm socially awkward so I do my best speaking through my finger tips.

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Suicide, Not an Answer
6 months ago
I've thought about suicide more times than I can count and I've attempted it several times. Obviously I've never been successful with it but doesn't change the feeling I have of not wanting to be here...
What Is Life
8 months ago
What is life?—it's something I've always asked my mom, my friends, and every guy I've ever dated. What is the meaning of life, what is our purpose, why are we here? My oldest son was going through a t...
Being Bipolar
9 months ago
It's so difficult to explain, doesn't matter how much a person wants to understand you they just don't quite get it. I watched my mom suffer from it, she freaked me out and I would constantly yell at ...
Social Introvert
9 months ago
Being a social introvert is where you desperately want to socialize and go out and be around lots of people but having crippling anxiety. It takes a lot of energy just to attend a social event so once...