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10 Signs Someone Is Hiding a Mental Illness
7 months ago
Especially in teenagers and young adults, it can be hard to recognize what behaviors are a normal part of growing up, and what behaviors may be signs someone is hiding a mental illness. There are many...
Signs of a Psychotic Break That Everyone Should Know
7 months ago
Three out of every 100 people will experience psychosis at some time in their lives. The onset of this psychosis is known as a psychotic break. Many people erroneously believe that this is, as the wor...
Myths About Borderline Personality Disorder You Probably Believe
8 months ago
Although a full 1.6 percent of people in the United States—over 4 million people—live with Borderline Personality Disorder, it remains one of the least understood and discussed mental health issues in...
10 Myths About Bipolar Disorder You Probably Believe
9 months ago
Bipolar disorder affects as many as three percent of adults in the United States, yet it's still a highly misunderstood illness, both by those who suffer from it and those who do not. That's why it's ...
Reasons Not to Ignore Signs of Stress and Anxiety
9 months ago
Life moves fast these days. Work, school, family, extracurriculars—it's no wonder that almost 20 percent of Americans suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. Now, stress isn't always bad. In many c...