Sean Fraser

Aimless polymath who knows a little bit about a lot of things. D&D/Sports nerd hybrid. Fan of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, League One's  AFC Wimbledon, Critical Role, Dice, Camera, Action!, and Acquisitions, Inc. C Team. And chicken wings.

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Using a Bullet Journal to Relieve Anxiety and Depression
a year ago
Anxiety is often paired with depression because the feelings of hopelessness and pointlessness inevitably lead to thoughts of how much worse our lives can get. We imagine our lives falling apart, piec...
5 Ways to Get Motivated While Depressed
a year ago
Depression is a multi-faceted illness that can make you feel horrible about yourself while sucking any sort of ambition or motivation from you. Your inner critic pairs with the depression to tell you ...
Dungeons & Dragons & Depression
a year ago
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."- Adam Savage Reality, in its collective, is horrifying. I came to this conclusion a few years ago when my own battles with depression increased in intens...