Vanessa Cherron Riser

Vanessa is a wife and mother who loves games, books, movies and more. In 2015 she made a commitment to health and fitness which she wishes to share with others.
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Birthday Reflections
5 months ago
I'm turning 35 this month and my mental health and mental reflections have been haunting me and dramatically affecting my day to day life. I feel myself at a crossroads and am unsure how to proceed. I...
Apron Strings
5 months ago
I have been at war lately with my feelings about family. At 35-years-old, you would think I would be comfortable being myself and not caring what other people think. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those m...
The Start of the Fall
6 months ago
You know that moment when you reach the top of a roller coaster? The one when the train stops and lets you question all your life choices? It is a split second before 90 seconds of chaos. For some it ...
Still in the Dark
6 months ago
There is so much on the internet now about speaking your truth. It is a beautiful concept. One I hope more people take advantage of as time progresses. However, it isn't always easy to open up and let...
Leave Well Enough Alone
a year ago
Winter has been long and cold, and not just with the weather. No, this year there was a lot of emotional turmoil going on in my life with the relationships I have had. It is through these difficult ti...
The Mask that Hides Us
a year ago
There you are, smiling, laughing, dying on the inside. It is a difficult life to live when you suffer from severe depression and have to function as a normal human being. People don’t understand the w...