Carol Townend

My interests are mental health and the Humanities. I hold the basic certificate in the Humanities, and I am a Time to Change Champion. I publish on word press and I have an upcoming book with Indies United Publishing House.

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Self-Help Ideas for Treating Depression
4 months ago
Depression, it's a swear word in my life. It can hit at any point, and for no real reason. I can have days when I want to just sit in a corner with my head in my hands and cry all day long, and days w...
What It Feels Like When Professionals Get a Diagnosis Wrong, and How I Am Living with That
5 months ago
Any mental health problem is not easy to live with, nor is it easy for people around us to accept and support us. However, having three different mental health problems can feel like you are living li...
Helping Someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
7 months ago
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not an easy condition to live with, either for the sufferer or the family. When I have a Post Traumatic attack, the way in which I can react can be unpredictable, and...
7 months ago
Everywhere I go, people are always commenting on how I look, and that happens even if I have a day with no makeup, in pajamas, or dressed in my glad-rags. I don't have a problem with the person tellin...
Social Anxiety, My Experience
10 months ago
Social Anxiety and PTSD I went out recently with family. I thought I was over my fear of crowds until we headed into town which was crowded. I was nervous, fearful, panicking, and shaking. Everytime I...
Dental Phobia
a year ago
Dental phobia is more than just a fear of the dentist. I know, because I have to deal with it. I'm not talking about the mild anxiety that some feels when sitting in a hall to face an exam either. I'm...