Carol Townend

I am passionate about mental health, reading, writing, and music.  I hold the Basic Certificate in the Humanities, of which I gained by studying the Humanities with the Open University.   I am also a champion for Time to change.

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Social Anxiety, My Experience
2 months ago
Social Anxiety and PTSD I went out recently with family. I thought I was over my fear of crowds until we headed into town which was crowded. I was nervous, fearful, panicking, and shaking. Everytime I...
Dental Phobia
4 months ago
Dental phobia is more than just a fear of the dentist. I know, because I have to deal with it. I'm not talking about the mild anxiety that some feels when sitting in a hall to face an exam either. I'm...
How I Made Positive Changes to My Mental Health
4 months ago
When I was young, I spent all my time putting myself down, battling my thoughts and feelings, not giving self-confidence a second thought, and feeling I was not worth anything. This was a result of th...
We Must Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health
5 months ago
"She's mentally ill, therefore she is violent." Time and time again through my own long experience of mental health problems, and as a mental health champion, have I heard this. Yes, it is true, there...
In My Eyes with PTSD
5 months ago
I am walking down the road, and there are a lot of cars about. I want to cross over, but my body shakes and my feet do not move. I stand by the road as everything from the car crash, the sounds of an ...
When I Became Homeless
10 months ago
Scarborough 1998, it's a place and time I never will forget. I originally lived in Leeds, but I lost my family and my home due to violence from the community. I moved to Scarborough within the hopes o...