Carol Townend

I love writing, music and many other things. I am a mental health champion, and I write about many different things, including my real life experiences. I am a massive music fan, and I love Buffy and Angel.  

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Dental Phobia
3 days ago
Dental phobia is more than just a fear of the dentist. I know, because I have to deal with it. I'm not talking about the mild anxiety that some feels when sitting in a hall to face an exam either. I'm...
How I Made Positive Changes to My Mental Health
6 days ago
When I was young, I spent all my time putting myself down, battling my thoughts and feelings, not giving self-confidence a second thought, and feeling I was not worth anything. This was a result of th...
We Must Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health
23 days ago
"She's mentally ill, therefore she is violent." Time and time again through my own long experience of mental health problems, and as a mental health champion, have I heard this. Yes, it is true, there...
In My Eyes with PTSD
24 days ago
I am walking down the road, and there are a lot of cars about. I want to cross over, but my body shakes and my feet do not move. I stand by the road as everything from the car crash, the sounds of an ...
When I Became Homeless
6 months ago
Scarborough 1998, it's a place and time I never will forget. I originally lived in Leeds, but I lost my family and my home due to violence from the community. I moved to Scarborough within the hopes o...
How Music Helps Me Stay Mentally Stable
10 months ago
I love music. In fact there is not one genre of music I don't like. I can listen to anything, party, dance, rock, pop, blues, country, and the list goes on... Music has a good impact on my mental heal...